Monday, 6 July 2009

Stash Building!

(lots of pics!)

Lots of last week was spent finishing up the swap that I signed up to on the SCC so I couldn't really blog it. I of course forgot to take photos of what I made and bought but maybe Mitmot will blog soon :) I really enjoyed doing it :)

I've been trying to do a bit of 'sewing bits' stash building, which makes a change from the stash busting I've been trying to do with my yarn! I've been drooling over some people's finds at car boot sales - old sewing boxes with loads in em. I even tried freecycle, to no avail. Then I managed to win one on ebay, bit more expensive due to postage, but I'll try to remember that my car is so thirsty it would cost that if I even thought about boot sale visiting!!
My daughter needed a box so she's getting this one. It's in really good condition, no idea how old it is though! She's already started filling it :)

Some ribbons (sorry for blurry pic)

Loads of other bits - bias, buttons, thread, needles and fasteners.

A huge amount of the top lace and a smaller amount of the bottom one (plus gratuitous pic of my CK sewing box!!)

I also added some gingham ribbon to my stash from ebay along with some bright buttons (no pics of the buttons, although my dd helped herself to some!)

I visited Felixstowe at the weekend and visited a great fabric shop called the Remnant shop. What a treasure trove! I was very restrained, mostly as it was too hot to be in for too long and I was with a pregnant friend so felt bad about dithering. I upped the fabric stash with

some fabric offcuts for 10p each!Some boyish fabric - hopefully make a drawstring bag with this?

a strip of UJ fabric with 3 full flags on. I'd seen this on ebay and fancied it so for 1.40 a strip I got some :)

and to go with it some UJ buttons - how fab are they?

Also got anothe FQ of some flowery stuff, but forgot to take a pic of that.

And finally I got some CK posy fabric on ebay which I totally adore. I got a small bit a few weeks ago along with some rose paisley and cowboy print. I actually only wanted the paisley but figured I'd buy a few others from the same seller and I fell in love with the posy. It is just gorgeous, it looks so old, but bright at the same time. I just need a project to do it some justice. These are only small pieces too, seems it's discontinued?

Ok so onto some making that's been going on. I promised some pics of the kitchen curtains which I made in LA heath green gingham.

here's a before (we had no curtains, looked very boring!)

And after - what a difference a bit of gingham makes!

I want to make some more crochet flowers as tie backs but haven't managed it yet :)

I attempted my first fabric bucket following a tute on Lace Hearts blog

It doesn't sit quite straight, but not too bad for a first attempt!

A work in progress! An RAF roundel cushion cover (with thanks to father in law who informed me of it's proper name!) Might take me a while to finish this one, but did lots while visiting friends at the weekend as fairly mindless!

And lastly a few more buys, some mugs from Sainsburys that were going very cheap - 49p each

and some vintage ladybird books - 30p each

To add to my growing collection!


  1. There's another great idea for boys items for bloggers who do craft fairs ... RAF roundel cushions ... well done Kirsty x

  2. Thank you Lala, I'm kinda hating it as it's acrylic and I really am not keen on using it, BUT I'm stash busting when it comes to yarn! I'm getting quite into the vintage aeroplane room ideas now :) Helps that it goes so well with the UJ theme around!

  3. i will try and blog about my fantastic swap you sent me soon - and i get to send to you next month :-)
    M xx