Friday, 24 July 2009

buying and making

seems to be pretty much what I'm doing lately. I really need to be adding decluttering to that list and maybe deep cleaning the house but hey.

Anyway, some pics to brighten the blog!

First the 2 pics that I got last week from Mitty are now hung in the kids rooms - they look fab:

This is my 7yo dd's bed - another high sleeper so a git to take a photo of. She has some Laura Ashley bedding that I got at a CS the other week and forgot to blog. It makes such a lovely difference to her room having some pretty florals in there. Lots of dogs too you'll notice!!

Looking good!

And a complete bargain of a find last weekend at the CB was this, for my son's room. It was 50p!! It does have a tear in it, and if it gets much worse I'll recover it (maybe with a RAF roundel??). Don't point out the heart shape too much to my son ;O)

From the same boot sale I got this oil painting for £1.

and these gingham elephant bookends, also £1 (sorry for rubbish pic)

and some vintage books

I found some new storage for my ribbon stash

And did some making - mostly sewing. Still trying to be a bit better at it.

A fabric hanger - need more practise with this. Made with Cath Kidston's posy which is my favourite at the moment.

My cushion cover made from a CK duster - really love this. I just did a white fabric envelope back so I still have one duster left. Not bad for £4 really.

And a little owl softie I made up as I went along. Been admiring other people's owls and made this for my DS who loves it. Helps that we are all Sheffield Wednesday fans so owls are big in this house!!

And finally a new craft. Been mucking around with some fimo with my DD. She helped me make the rose which I'll hopefully add a brooch back too and she made the daisy all by herself :O)


  1. I know what you mean about the decluttering and the high bed! The cover looks lovely though, very pretty I bet your daughter loves it. Some good bargains.

  2. Hi, I am going to try and de-clutter this weekend, lovely cushions and I love the glass jar with ribbon, Have a great weekend x

  3. Hiya, love all your new finds and Mittys pictures look gorgeous. Your DDs LA bedding looks like the same print as the curtain I found in a CS a couple of weeks ago - is it the same? Its really pretty :) XX

  4. i love your bargains that you've got.. im liking your floral placemats to they are lovey..were are they from???
    i think most of us bloggers now have a cath kidston duster cushion havnt we..far to pretty to dust with!!!

  5. absolutely lovely. I would worry about all those hairs on you bed with all of them doggies & cats Lol.