Monday, 27 July 2009

Go Granny Go

Been for a walk down to the supermarket today with my granny trolley *grin*. Managed to dodge the showers pretty much and the kids were happy enough too which was a bonus. Trying to time it right is hard when you don't have a car but are used to having one (ours is broken, looking for a newer one soon).

Here's a picture of the tea cosy that I mentioned in my last post and thank you to Lala for telling me that it would have been put on top of a thicker padded cosy and so would be interchangeable. It's so pretty, I wondered at first if it would have been machine done as it is so well embroidered but I don't think so. I think I'll try and make a mini cushion with it :O)

Also been crocheting some more of the granny squares that I started ages ago. I wasn't quite sure about how the colours were turning out but friends said that it looked fine. I kept thinking it needed another colour, maybe a yellow or something. Anyway I'd left it for a while because of that and then decided to have another go last night. I decided I definitely didn't like it, but didn't want to waste what I'd done already so I decided to make it up into a cushion cover. It's not all done yet, I still need to do the back but I am going to do just one big granny on the back and take out the dark pink as I think that is what I'm not liking. We'll see how it goes anyway. So, not the blanket I was hoping for, but I'll get there one day!


  1. I really like the crochet as it is, I think it's lovely! The tea cosy is so pretty, I bet it will make a great cushion :)

    Mel xxx

  2. I think the crochet will lovely as a cushion, perhaps a plan colour crocheted back?

    The tea cosy is very pretty as well and will look lovely as a little cushion.

  3. What a lovely cushoin. The tea cosy is stunning as well - I have a tablecloth with crinoline embroidered ladies, which I never use because I'm worried about spilling something on it.

  4. Love your granny squares, they will make a wonderful cushion!
    Rachel x