Thursday, 1 April 2010

a few pics

just to keep the blog going a bit.  I'm a bit snowed under with a sewing project that I kept putting off and really need to finish this week so I'm unable to start anything new.

The pics aren't great I'm afraid.  Need to fiddle with the settings on the camera I think.

So first a looky at my bed at the moment.  I was lucky enough to get an eiderdown for Mothers Day a couple of weeks ago now.  It's not as pretty or lovely as some of the lovely patterns around, but it goes really nicely with my bedspread I got not too long ago.

I also made a couple of pillowcases using a candy stripe sheet that I got ages ago.

Some lovely daffodils in a little Grindley PetalWare jug I got from the charity shop the other week.  Another little addition to my utility china collection.

And finally a sneaky peek at my sewing project :OD