Saturday, 27 June 2009

Stripy goodness!

First of all thank you so much for your lovely comments on my sons room. I find it really hard to get stuff he'd like as he's getting to that age where you can't brainwash him... My daughter on the other hand can't be brainwashed either, but she loves everything I love at the moment - roses, flowers, pretties! Much easier to think about stuff she'd like but then of course I feel like I need to keep it kinda equal.

Today I've had a really good day. I was working so it was my day off from looking after the kids and I normally love my day out, I get the bus so I can stop off in the big town centre and look round the charity shops. Today was the day of the summer fair in the village a I work at so I decided to go in earlier than normal to look round otherwise it would have finished when I got there. There wasn't much there although I got a lovely Westie dog soft toy for my dog mad daughter for 10p. But I also spied in a room off the main church hall a treasure trove of goodies. On further inspection it seemed like it was a charity shop that was obviously run fairly informally and was open on Sat and Weds mornings. It was great in there, the type of place with no pretentions and loads to look at. I managed to find a candy stripe single sheet which was on my main list of things to find and look for in CS's and some vintage embroidered tray cloths. Just noticed the one I picked up wasn't finished though, maybe a project? I also got a few buttons, but of course I can't find them now at all :( On going to pay the lady spotted some nail varnish on the sheet and said I could have the sheet for free. It might come off and if not I might just applique a heart over it or something.

After that I went to work (I work with my dad at his newsagents) and he asked if I wanted to go to an Open Day at the Asda Warehouse with my mum. So I ended up doing very little work and was chauffered to this open day sale which had loads of old Asda stuff being sold cheap. And I mean cheap! Alongside some cheap cereals and washing up liquid I got 2 enamel tea/coffee caddies, a pale yellow teapot and some stripy storage boxes for the kids rooms. ALso picked up a few kids things for Crimbo. I couldn't get too much more as I had to haul it all home on the bus but the whole day (inc the CS and fete) I didn't spend more than 10.00.

Anyway, a quick pic -

(ugh my pics on here are terrible. Must try and sort out proper camera and stop using the phone!)

I'll try to get some pics of the curtains tomorrow, still haven't had chance to hem them yet.

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  1. Lovely haul Kirsty ..... we used to have candystriped sheets when we were kids .... all the ones I see at the mo are all manky but I'll still keep my eye out!