Friday, 17 July 2009

Cupcake swap

I recieved my cupcake swap this morning from Mitmot and oh my it was like Christmas! Here's what she sent me:
And inside this scrumptious packaging was some lovely handmade goodies:

a pin cushion (much needed in this house, been meaning to make one!) and a lovely brooch

a very clever tape measure!
2 lovely pictures. The aeroplane one was so thoughtfully sent due to my sons love of vintage aeroplanes and us trying to deck his room out with that as a bit of a theme.

yup - the real cupcakes are gone already!!

and a lovely cup, already has my tea in it, cake cases and a cupcake hook.

I feel so very lucky today, and everything has a home already. Thank you so much!

Now I need to get my butt in gear and finish my swap :O)


  1. Lovely!cant wait to start swapping!:)

  2. Wow what fab goodies - no wonder if felt like Xmas :)xxx

  3. The swaps are great fun aren't they.....such a talented bunch
    btw thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and if you did want to paint laminate first apply a coat of ESP, its a primer for laminates/melamine and gives the following paint something to grip to...good luck if you go for it xx

  4. Gorgeous swap!!! She does send out some lovely things doesn't she?! I love swaps!!!
    It's nice to see you as a follower, and you have a lovely blog.
    Happy crafting : )

    Sharon xx

  5. Helloooo

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! We spent about an hour yesterday clearing 4 years of artwork off the floor that madam had chucked all over the place so we now can finally see the floor ;)

    Just become a follower of yours, your blog is so pretty. The goodies from Mitmot are stunning :)

    Mel xxx

  6. Hi Kirsty .... lovely swap from Mitty .... I love the vintage aeroplane picture ... I am giving the next couple of swaps a miss.... I really enjoy them but with the new baby due anytime now I really must concentrate on that. Two reasons why I am not letting Ellie use the sewing machine ... first she is still too young for this particular one and the second more mercenary reason is that I realise now I can make a little profit by selling it. I would say something similar would be perfect for an 8 year old .... there is no bobbin case to worry about so straightforward to use.

  7. Hi Lala, thanks for replying. I've seen the machines on ebay and on a few blogs but not in real life so it's hard to judge huh? Hope you do well selling it on anyway :)

    And thank you for all the new visitors comments. I've just realised I go round blogs and forget which ones I've said hi on and which ones not so I just gabble any old rubbish! Oops!

  8. What a lovely bunch of goodies to receive! I'm a bit nervous about sending mine now but hopefully my swapee will be forgiving as I'm a swap-virgin!


  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh, cupcake heaven!
    Lovely blog!