Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Busy bee

I didn't get enough sleep last night and have been a little under the weather today so I've been a bit grumpy. I decided to get a move on with the housework so I could do some sewing this afternoon.

I wanted to do a cushion cover from a lovely little LA dress my dd wore some time ago now. I just love the print on it and was reluctant to part with it. However when I started playing around with how I wanted it to be it didn't look right so I left it be for a while.

So I set to work on using some of the fabric I got at the weekend to make some drawstring bags. I made the trains and the rose one. My dd made the rainbow one (it was from a sewing kit she got for Xmas - I am v. jealous of the fabric!) and my DS made the car one.

Then I decided to make my grocery bag holder which wasn't too different really. It'll match my curtains nicely!

I know, not hugely exciting or difficult, but I am a beginner sewer so I was pleasantly pleased with the results. One day I'll try some more tricky things!


  1. What a family affair and such lovely bags .... they are so useful and much nicer than plastic carriers ..... well done Kirsty x

  2. All those bags look great hung up - well done all of you :)
    Love the car fabric xx

  3. Now those bags look easy to make yet are very effective.....Might give em a go!