Saturday, 30 May 2009

Work in Progress!

My house is really a work in progress. Sometimes when I look round I see some snippets of vintage loveliness but mostly it's not a very inspiring home. I aim to change that. I spend so much time here that it's important to be happy with it.

I like to knit and have learned to crochet recently thanks to Attic 24's blog - what a fab blog that is. So much colour and well I am starting to have a soft spot for crochet things, they remind me of a time gone by! I've also just recently found out my sewing machine so am planning on crafting a few other bits and pieces. Not only do I like making things I also really like the idea of being able to pass these skills down to the next generation. My daughter has been learning to sew recently and loves it. She made herself a little purse out of a Sarah Smith cloth which I thought was pretty fab, and I learned how to hand sew blanket stitch while we were at it so that was good!

I am currently crafting a small ripple blanket (pattern courtesy of Attic24) in nice neutral colours. I'm hoping it will look at home anywhere in the house and it will be a size that is small enough to cart about places. I'm really loving crocheting it.

It's been gorgeous weather here recently and I've been just loving sitting in the garden. The ultimate in getting back to basics and simple living. :O)

I'm hopefully going to get some bookmarks of my favourite blogs together soon so I can get round them a bit easier. A task for tonight!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


*peers above the parapet and wonders if it's safe to come out*

Just a quick intro to the blog. I love reading blogs with gorgeous pics in and inspirational ideas on decorating and giving your home the vintage /shabby chic touch. I'd like to have somewhere to jot down my ideas, share pics and finds and inspire me to get it all together.

It will not be prim and proper, but hopefully will have a cosy feel eventually!