Saturday, 25 July 2009

Just a quick post

bought not too much in the CS's today - just a little box of vintage dominoes for my kids and a hand embroidered crinoline lady tea cosy. I think it's a tea cosy anyway, it's a little thin, just like a tray cloth so I've no idea how it would keep the said tea warm. Oh well. It is very pretty and I will try and take a picture tomorrow. No plans for any car booting tomorrow and as the weather is supposed to be dire, maybe I'll actually do some decluttering? I think I should and now that I've mentioned it, shall report back tomorrow.

Just a quick mention that Shabby Chick over at Country in the Town is doing a giveaway so please go and have a look. She has a lovely blog :O)

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  1. Hi Kirsty ..... it will be a tea cosy cover as they used to have thicker pads that went over the pot and the pretty covers went over that .... probably so they could wash the outer more easily and of course you can alternate .... I've got a blue willow embroidered one and it is just a single layer of linen. Good luck with the de-cluttering ..... I keep trying but then go and fill the place up with more stuff. Some people smoke or do drugs ..... i am addicted to other people's cast-offs!! x