Wednesday, 15 July 2009

It's not what you know but who you know.

Been doing a bit of sewing lately. It's coming along but I'm not briliant still. These cushions were for my mums birthday. She hit a big number this year, with a nought (as I did too - sob), so wanted to do something nice.

The fabric was just cheapy stuff from the market, and yes a bit pink, but I quite like them! They go nicer in her house as her couch is dark so it suits it better if you see what I mean.

Fabric stash is coming along nicely as I got a couple of meters of the flowery one, still a bit of gingham left and another pink/white fabric which is utterly gorgeous. No pic at the moment, as it's too dark to take a good one.

I was after a pair of pinking shears the other month and was quite surprised at the cost of them, £20 plus was what I was seeing. I wasn't sure if I'd use them much so wasn't really wanting to pay much for any anyway. I asked my FIL if he maybe had some kicking around from before my husbands mum died. Unfortunately he didn't but what he did have were some dressmaking scissors, 3 pairs and being from Sheffield, he went into great length about scissors and stuff about them... Anyway. I was so pleased to be able to get some decent scissors to cut fabric with as I was just using bog standard household ones before that and obviously not doing a good job. You may remember I won a sewing box with lots of goodies in it from ebay? Well what I didn't put in was that it had a pair of pinking shears in it. But unfortunately they were completely blunt and couldn't cut anything. So off I go to FIL again and ask if he can do anything with them. He gave them back to me tonight all sharpened and apparantly they are a very decent pair of pinking shears and him and his mate had a good time with the challenge of sharpening them. So it really is not what you know but who you know!

here they are, have already tested them and they work fab. I love the box, and they even have a price on the back of 5 shillings. I'm so pleased we've been able to bring them back to life.

Oh and Mitmot has posted about what I sent her in the spots and stripes swap here so go and have a looky if you like. I wasn't organised enough to take a pic before I sent it. It's my first ever swap :O) I'll try and remember before I send my cupcake swap which I'm doing well at and not too much more to go till I can send I don't think :O)


  1. Hello Kirsty
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. Happy belated birthday to your son. It's a great time of the year to have a birthday! So glad that you popped by as it has enabled me to discover your blog which is very me!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  2. What wonderful pinking shears they are! And those cushions are very pretty.


  3. Hiya Kirsty,
    The frame is from a shop called Butlers in Islington, which according to their website is the only one in the UK. If you really really wanted I could get one for you and send it to you? I think they were £5.99.
    let me know xx

  4. ooh p.s those cushions are fab, did you zigzag the letters? X

  5. thanks for the comments - Gem I've e-mailed you :O)

    I zigzagged the 'u' in mum as it was the first one I did but I struggled with it as the fabric was a bit fine and it was bunching, even after lots of practise stitching, so I just changed to normal for the rest. I think with heavier fabric it would have been better.

  6. Well done on your goodies, Mitty is just fab isn't she!!!
    Your cushions are scrummy, if you have trouble with thin fabric use a very lightweight iron-on interfacing on the back before you cut the letters, helps stop the fraying too
    (not that I saw any)

    Love and blessings