Thursday, 30 July 2009

Serviette decoupage and Union Jack love

I've been trying out a new craft these past couple of nights, serviette decoupage which someone on the Shabby Chic Cafe had been talking about. I'd bought some serviettes and tissues from Cath Kidston specifically to do this, but the thread on SCC gave me the push to get on with it.

Here's what I started with:

As you can see it was just a basic Ikea storage drawer thing that has been hanging around for years and has held crud for a while!! It was looking really scabby so I would have been pleased with any improvement really. Here's what it ended up like:

I just painted the main bit with a sample of paint I got from Wilkinsons and decoupaged the front of the drawers. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I wasn't so pleased with a picture frame I decorated, it turned out a bit wrinkly. It might look better once it's on the wall!

In other news, my son was busy yesterday morning with making some paper chains. They were from East of India and I had been drooling over them for a bit, and eventually succumbed as they'll look so good in my son's vintage aeroplane room won't they?

And here they are in situ - this is half a pack btw, my daughter has the rest in her room. Even the teddies are saluting it ;o)


  1. Love the makeover!! I now need some more CK sevirttes, or tissues, and some pva glue. Have ordered some letters too, so cant wait to try that too!!
    Like those UJ paper chains as well!!

    Sharon xx

  2. Hi Kirsty

    I would LOVE some of the napkins please, that is so kind of you! I love what you've achieved, it all looks lovely. Those paper chains are gorgeous too :)

    If you could email me on so I can give you my address that would be brilliant.

    Thanks so much, Mel xxx

  3. Oh that looks sooo much better! I've PM'd you via SCC by the way :-)

  4. Love your blog x Thank you for your kind comments on mine x
    My HOME letters came out all wrinkly too so that is why I binned them! But look at your drawers they look amazing......

  5. Saw your drawers on SCC (that sounds good! LOL) Cannot believe how they are transformed - really brill. Those UJ chains are fantastic - I love East of India stuff :) xx

  6. you've worked really hard - well done !