Monday, 3 August 2009

Makeover madness

Been getting the paintbrushes out here lots :O)

We've had a little side table that sits at the side of our couch for years. I think it's supposed to be a plant stand but we cought it ages ago from Ikea when we got our first (and only brand new) sofa, which was a really low futon, so it was ok that it was so little. Now we live in a shoebox and it's useful in that it just fits this tiny space. However, as usual, it was getting a little grubby. I only just remembered the before pic!

A couple of coats of a nice bright blue (get your sunglasses on!!) and it's looking much fresher!

I've already made a start on 2 other things which I'll get photos of once I'm done. It's a bit addictive this painting furniture isn't it?

I completely nabbed Little Gem's idea of covering a boiler with some nice retro stuff. I need some more nice magnets and a few more bits to cover it, but hubby really liked it when he saw it, so must have been a good idea!! Pity I didn't think of it myself!!

And a couple of more pretties to add:

I can't say I made this, although I had though of making one for a while. I had nothing suitable at home to make it with and I figured that by the time I 'd faffed around and bought stuff, left it hanging round for a while and eventually got round to it it would be next year before I got onto it! And this one was really reasonable from Ebay so I went for it. It's CK Rosali as far as I'm aware and is a perfect place to put all my nice little cards I've been lucky enough to get recently :O)

And finally my first 2 bits in my new collection of Utility China. I'd seen this stuff on various blogs and really liked the pastel shades so decided I'd like to collect it. I got the green Beryl Woods Ware plate from a car boot a couple of weeks ago now and saw the blue Johnson Bros teapot at the charity shop last weekend. Oh well, you've got to start a collection off somewhere!


  1. Glad you liked the boiler idea! And hubby too! Just cover it with pretty stuff and you'll forget its there! I love the stool/table makeover - lovely shade of blue! Ooh and the rosali memo board :)

    P.S I havent forgotten about the frame, but I havent had a chance to check if they have any in stock, but I'll get back to you!! XX

  2. Argh I just lost my comment somehow! Just wanted to say the table is gorgeous that colour and the noticeboard is so pretty :)

    Mel xxx

  3. I think your makeovers are just fab. I loved Little Gem's vintage postcard idea as well.
    Good luck with your collecting!