Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Curtains and a boys room

Well I've nearly finished the curtains in the kitchen, just need to hem and they're done. It's too dark to take a photo though at the moment. I do love them and really glad I treated myself to the LA fabric.

I will share some pics of my sons room at the moment. I hesitate to say that anything in my nearly 9 year old boys room is chic, most certainly shabby!! But I have been trying to collect some vintage aeroplane bits and bobs for him to add to his room.

This is his bed, it's one of those high sleepers so blummin hard to get a photo of! You can maybe make out the aeroplane bedding that he has. I was so happy to get this from ebay, for the grand total of 2.99 including postage, in actual fact it cost the seller 2.70 to send it and I felt so bad for her that I paid her a couple of quid more. I couldn't really see it well on the listing but took a chance. On getting it it had all the British WW2 planes on it (and named so I could learn!!), not made up drawings (iykwim) but actual drawings of the actual planes. My son loved it!! You can see the pictures a bit better here, although it is a shoddy pic!!!

When we went to an aeroplane museum the other day I saw some of the RAF ensign flags hung up and thought they'd look great in his room and so had a search on ebay for one. Managed to get a huge one (5ft x 3ft) for about 4.50 including p&p.

Some framed prints I've managed to pick up in CS's, need to find a hammer now...

And finally some bunting I made for him and more prints, this time of old cars, his other love. Some of it was from some old bunting we'd been given years ago. I took the less girly ones (they have stars on although not really clear here I don't think) and added some gingham to make a little string for him. (Reminds me, I still need to re do the rest of it for my daughter). I did it before I decided to do a vintage aeroplaned theme type room so I might try and make some other triangles to tie it all in, maybe some UJ's?


  1. what a cool room i think even i would like it in there ;-)
    and i love the bedding its fab !
    thanks for visiting my blog and congratulations on finding a laura ashley close by but its quite dangerous as i found out when they opened one near me LOL

  2. loving all of the areoplanes!

  3. Kirsty - how flipping fantastic is your sons room??? I LOVE it and very jealous of your bedding - VERY jealous :) xxxx

  4. Oh I've still got that aeroplane duvet cover in my airing cupboard .... my son had it on his bed ... he always has been and still is mad on planes (he's 27 now so how sad am I that I can't part with it!)