Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A symphony of beige!

Well I finally finished my crochet ripple blanket like Attic24's. Nothing like it in terms of colour but I used her tutorial on how to do it. No mine is much more muted colours. I do like it very much, and as I have made something useful out of my ever growing stash of wool then all the better.

It's also made me feel so much more confident with my crochet. I am a real beginner, and crochet patterns still look like gobbledy gook to me so a tute that holds your hand all the way through was brill!

I need some colour in my house though, it's desperately needed. We live in a rented house and although we could decorate we haven't so far. We're thinking of painting two alcoves pink in the living room to cheer us up a bit. It's all so drab, magnolia walls, beige carpet, dark wood fireplace, and old cream leather sofa. The living room is also North facing and so is cold and dreary at the best of times. No I think we need some colour.

And so to introduce to you my next blanket in progress! Yay a granny square blanket. I love the look of these, so cosy and homely. I loved looking at the blankets on Little Jenny Wren's blog and had been meaning to learn how to do them. Here's the start:

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  1. Hi first time here :)
    I love your ripple blanket it looks great on that chair and looks like your new blanket will be fab too loving the colours xxx