Thursday, 18 June 2009


I did do a bit of ramble the other day about why I like CK and LA fabrics and designs so much especially as they are just way out of my price range really. I didn't end up posting it as I saved it, wandered off to do other bits and bobs and forgot! But anyway...

I decided I wanted to get some sage green gingham or check fabric to make some light curtains to bring a little bit of colour into our kitchen which is, you guessed it, a symphony of beige too ;) I got a nice sample from John Lewis but that was waaay too expensive really. I'm awaiting a sample of the Heath Green gingham from LA as I like the look of that too and it's a bit more reasonable.

But what's this? A 25% off everything event at LA this weekend? Must be fate, and on the weekend of pay day too :OD

I shall endeavour to take some photos of recent crafting going on here, well me finishing another cushion - a Union Jack cushion that my hubby was after. Was tricky and a lot of work but I finished it today.

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  1. ooh I have 2 sets of curtains...and other stuff made out of heath green LA gingham...its lovely :)
    Looking forward to seeing that cushion....