Monday, 8 June 2009

I'm enjoying this!

Getting lots of inspiration from reading lots of blogs and also from the Shabby Chic Cafe. Such a lovely forum there. I've even signed up for a swap and am really excited to create some bits and bobs for someone else. Good to get my brain working at ideas.

There is a car boot that has just started within walking distance of my house and we headed down there on Sunday. Not lots there but the weather forecast was bad and for a first week I think it was pretty good. The kids enjoyed spending their pocket money and getting more for their money than in a shop. I enjoyed finding a pretty cute teapot. Actually my OH and the kids spotted it. I think I might have passed it up but for 1.50 (argh where is my pound sign??) and for the fact they all loved it I got it. As a family we're quite into Route 66 and old cars and stuff so this actually fitted lovely for us as a family.

Just posting another pic of a jug that wasn't quite so loved by my OH (actually he hated it!) which I got at the CS. I think it's fab and just what we need to help the kids drink more water!

The house sorting is coming along well if still a little slowly. We just have way too much stuff :O( I'm getting close to finishing my crochet blanket, and trying really hard to get it done before starting anything else. I do have a bit of sewing on the cards though, hopefully have some pics soon.

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  1. So glad you are enjoying the forum, and i am looking forward to the swap very much :-). you should put a link to your blog on your signature on the forum as i am sure lots of the others would enjoy to come and poke thier noses!!!. i am very envious of your crochet, i tried to teach myself but never got past the chain......
    MM xx