Tuesday, 4 August 2009

And another!

makeover that is :O)

This chest of drawers has been sat in our garage for so long now, it was falling apart and I was going to freecycle it, but then didn't. I have so much furniture that doesn't really have a place in this house. We've been here 3 years nearly but it's still got furniture from a much bigger house in it. I want to move again so don't want to spend lots on getting smaller bits that fit better, only to move as soon as I bought it. But maybe I should have done it ages ago! Oh well.

Anyway, I have no before pic, but I'm sure you can imagine what it would be like before! Really this is an inbetween picture as I still need to sand the top properly and I need to wax it all. I didn't distress the paint as I have a feeling it won't take long to get naturally distressed in this house!

I also need to find some nice handles for it. Or I may paint these if I can't find anything I like soon enough. I'm going to add some hooks on one side so that the kids can hang their coats on it (it's in the hallway). Hopefully it will hold all our scarves and gumpf that lands in the hallway and makes it look a mess.

I need to get making some pretty things to hang off the drawers don't I? Argh! Need more time!!!!

I've also lined the drawers with some gorgeous wallpaper I picked up from Focus today which lots of bloggers have been raving about. It's reduced to £5 a roll and very CK'ish. I foresee lots of rooms being decked out in it. Not ours sadly though :O( Hate renting houses!! Although I know I should be grateful I have one :O)


  1. Hi Kirsty, it looks so sweet, I bet it will be really useful! Our hall could do with something like that... the chest of drawers that was meant to be used for scarves etc somehow got filled up with fabric ;)

    Mel xxx

  2. that looks lovely now. I reckon I have its friend in 'before' form, which I cover with a large lacey cloth.

  3. That looks fantastic - will be so useful as hallways can get cluttered. My son shaves with his electric shaver in the hallway and leaves his whiskers all over my hall table! LOL

  4. It looks good and hooks are a great idea. My friend has something similar in her hallway and it makes such a different with the hooks for coats on the side.