Sunday, 23 August 2009

Pay It Forward

Last week I had the pleasure of receiving a Pay It Forward gift from Lorraine at The Balancing Kiwi. It was this most gorgeous owly

She is wonderful! And puts my sewing efforts to shame, have been studying closely to get some tips!! My daughter has named her Brenda :O) Thank you so much Lorraine!!

Now to fulfill the conditions I have to offer to make something to 3 of my readers. So if anyone would like a little handmade something from me then put a comment at the bottom and I will get cracking. You do have to promise to do the same and make for 3 more people each. I think that's right anyway. I'll keep the comments hidden like Lorraine did aswell until I have 3 victims, er I mean friends ;o)


  1. What a cute owl!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway

    Victoria xx

  2. The owl is so pretty! I think this is a lovely idea and seems much more fun than a normal blog giveaway.

    Simone xx

  3. Oops, sorry I forgot to say. Yes, I would love to do the PIF!!!