Monday, 10 August 2009

Hallway makeover

I finished the hallway the other day. I hadn't intended to do anything here at all, but when I did up the chest of drawers and decided to put it at the bottom of the stairs instead of at the top as I had originally thought, it seemed the next logical step to give it a quick tart up!

It's only a small space, and I have a husband who has lots of shoes and jackets (ahould be the other way round surely?) so it gets cluttered really quickly. I also didn't have anywhere for scarves and gloves so every winter I'd have to buy new ones again. Not good.

Anyway, some pics.

This is pretty much it!! Haha, it is *very* small! We got a new doormat at the weekend. My hubby spotted it in Matalan and wanted it so I 'let' him!! Lolol, he does like the UJ thing. This isn't a great pic due to the light that comes into the door, but I also made some bunting for the door out of some stray Sarah Smith cloths, nice and easy. Unfortunately hubby doesn't like the bunting so not sure if it will stay or not. You can just see the drawers in the foreground and I've put the decoupaged Ikea drawers on it too to hold mail that comes in. To the right you can see some shelves that were a general dumping ground and every time I opened the door things fell off. Something needed to be done.

I decided to line the shelves with the Focus wallpaper and I painted up an old cork noticeboard. I realised that I actually don't have that many pretties to put on shelves, never been a thing I've bought much of. But I found one of my many camper van models which looks ok! I could still see the dark wood shelf underneath the paper though so decided to attach a bit of gingham ribbon to finish it off. Not sure if it will stay on though. We'll see. I laminated some of the wallpaper for the bottom shelf which has the shoes on so I won't need to worry about it all getting dirty.

I think that although it's not perfect, it's a huge improvement. If it helps me keep it tidy it's worth it too!

Note to self - buy more pretties!!!


  1. It's all lovely and I definately think the bunting should stay ... after a couple of days he'll be used to it and won't notice it anymore!!

  2. It looks lovely and bright Kirsty .... hallways are a nightmare aren't they .... mine is very narrow from the door to the bottom of the stairs and we took out the understairs cupboard to open it up a bit. Trouble is now all the junk that was in the cupboard is on general show!!! Shoes, coats, car seats, toys bags you name it, it's there. Love the UJ mat and the bunting. x

  3. Love the little camper van ornament. The shelf looks a lot more cheery with wallpaper and ribbon.
    I have the same problem as you with shoes accumulating. I'd love a storage solution that is functional and nice to look at...Oh and is small enough to fit in too.

  4. I typed up a comment and then I think it must have passed into oblivion as the whole window disappeared!

    Your hallway looks lovely and inviting, the bunting and doormat are great.

    Hallways are always a bit of a problem aren't they as they are the first 'room' people see, and yet they seem to accumulate all sorts of paraphenalia.

    Oh, and I don't have room for the sewing machine either, but it had to be done - it was begging to be taken home with me! ;-)

  5. YOUR HALLWAY LOOKS LOVELY!! I will have to declutter mine!!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration : )

    Sharon xx