Sunday, 7 March 2010

patchwork and crochet edging

I have an empty space in my kitchen that has in the past housed a dishwasher, but we got rid of it and now just use it as extra storage space for recycling and other bits and bobs.  It always makes it look so cluttered though that I 've always wanted a little curtain to put across it.  If I could inject some colour into the kitchen too, then all the better.  I decided to do a quite large patchwork curtain as I could never decide on the right fabric.  My DD and I spent an evening cutting the squares and arranging them in just the right way.  I'm really pleased with the final result.  The sewing was a bit sloppy, I think something had gone wrong with the machine or the thread wasn't playing nice, but I just wanted to get it finished.


I also have another patchwork blanket in progress, but shall do a photo once the recipient has it.  She doesn't read here, but you never know.

I got a lovely bedspread on ebay the other day, it was a Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady print.  I'd never seen the bedding range, but have her book which I love.  It was a rather brill bargain at less than £8 including postage.  You can just see it here on the bed.  I wanted to take a better pic, but OH is packing to go away with work next week so his side was messy!!


Did you notice the crochet edge to my pillowcase?  I was enjoying the difference the nice throw made to the bed and wished my pillowcases looked a bit better.  I need a nice stash of vintage ones!  Anyway, I was browsing how to embellish a pillowcase and came across this blog.  She has done some wonderful crochet edging on pilllowcases and I wanted to copy her.  

There is going to be a crochet - a - long on this blog where she is going to do a tutorial on how to do it and make a pillowcase too.  I was being a bit too impatient to wait so I got going straight away.  The hardest bit was blanket stitching the pillowcase, and if I'm honest I don't know yet how to do the nice scalloped edge that some others had, so I'm on the lookout for how to do those.  I just used a crochet edge pattern I had in a book at home, not quite as fancy, but I still like it.


I still need to do the matching one, but shall do it when hubby away next week.  Oh and I now have plans for more edging in different colours!!

Finally, a bit of thrifting went on yesterday.  Not much but I found a lovely little Johnson Bros Greydawn jug and sugar bowl to add to my collection.  Love that stuff.  I need more in different colours though!!



  1. The curtain looks great. The fabrics are very pretty. xx

  2. The edging to the pillowcase looks fab. I'm glad you started the blog again :)
    Stella xx

  3. Hi Kirsty
    for some reason I don't think you got my post? can you let me know please, won't repeat myself in case you did :) ps love the curtain
    Cate x

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  6. I love the crochet edging that you did. I want mine to be the same but the edges doesn't turn even.

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