Saturday, 6 March 2010

2010 - the year of the...

(ok I know we're in March already, but well...)



(pic from  - but sold!!!!)

Oh I soooooo, want an eiderdown!!! It's my birthday coming up and I'm very tempted to get one, but I'm also aware I really want a nice vintage one, I don't know if it will upset my hubbys allergies (he's had down jackets before so he says he'll be ok, but argh they are expensive!!!).  I could get the CK one, but it's not really as nice as some of the vintage ones.

What do you think???
What I need is to be able to find one at a car boot sale or charity shop, just so I know they will be safe to have with my hubby, and then I can save and buy the perfect one.  Or I could just go for it.... and make OH sleep on the couch???  lol!!


I'd like to have my first item of cornishware - a jug perhaps??

a vintage roberts radio

I'm not going to pay the price of the new ones, I just want a cheap one that looks good!   

I don't want much this year do I????  Lol.
Hopefully a craft filled post to come, but have been a bit unwell this week and need to sleep!!!


  1. Oh I'd love another eiderdown. I have got one but it's very thin in places and only really any good over the back of the sofa in my bedroom (which is how I could afford it off ebay!).

    Mel xxx

  2. Hi Kirsty,
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    Have a great weekend!
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  3. Im definitely gonna go for the radio. I love the color